Miscellaneous Digital Images

On this page are a series of digital images that are not portraits, but which I have produced for either publication or licensing purposes. I have included them to further illustrate the versatility of digital painting and to aid you in your decision regarding whether you would prefer the traditional or digital option when considering a portrait.

After The Turkey

Caught Napping

As you can see, these two images are fundamentally the same but by the addition or removal of key elements, the image is transformed from a generic Westie on a chair image to a Christmas scene. Perfect for greetings cards.

Again, two takes on what is essentially the same image. ‘Baubles’(far right) a slightly surreal yet colourful Christmas image and, the rather unimaginatively titled, ‘Yellow Lab in Snow’. Once more illustrating the versatility of the digital process.

Euro Trash

This image is really a re-working of an image I painted back in the nineties, ‘It Could Have Been You’ published by Washington Green. The image of a young rascal who has succeeded in locating and chewing up the promising Euro lottery ticket, prior to the draw. Woe bi tide them if the numbers come up!!