Dolly & Daisy

What I love about this portrait is the domestic aspect of the piece. As you can see, Dolly and Daisy are two delightful English Working Cockers. They are owned by Nicky and Mike, and it was Nicky who commissioned me to paint their portrait for Mike.

Their home is an old coach house which Mike, who’s a builder, renovated himself. It’s a delightful property that they are rightly proud of and it was for this reason that they chose their front doorstep as the setting for the portrait. Furthermore, items such as the old cast iron foot-scraper to the right, hold personal significance for them. But the most important element - other than the dogs, of course - is the tiled floor which Mike laid himself. I understood that it was very important that I got it right. No pressure then.

Happily, they were very pleased with the end result. Phew!!

I must confess that I do enjoy painting what are ostensibly working dogs in a domestic environment. Even though Dolly and Daisy are not themselves working dogs, those that are would generally speaking spend more time at home than in the field - and there is something fundamentally appealing about dogs on doorsteps don’t you think?