This is Snoopy. He’s my wife’s Uncle’s dog. He’s a typical little terrier, tenacious and full of beans and character. When we visit Brian, Sue’s Uncle, Snoopy jumps from lap to lap to maximise the amount of fuss and attention he receives - brilliant!!

Over the thirty plus years that I’ve known Brian, I’ve painted quite a few portraits for him and his late wife, Joyce. A number of Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Brian’s personal favourite - and a miniature Schnauzer called Ben. For me, however, although all of their other dogs were wonderful, Snoopy is the one that stands out. He’s such a power house of energy and a real joy to be around.

Brian’s Son Ken, runs the local pub in the lovely Cotswold village where both they live and Brian is there most days. I think that Snoopy is as popular with the regulars as Brian himself.  What a little star!

It’s still early days for me and digital portraiture, but I’m growing in confidence with every piece I do and this particular painting, considering it is only the second digital portrait I’ve completed, has worked well. Although Snoopy and Modley were both gifts, I have now received a number digital portrait commissions, which is most gratifying.