When, in 2011, I went over to the Isle of Man to meet Harley and Raz, I was introduced to this  wonderful fellow, Flash. His owner’s, Pippa and Julian, are friends of Wendy and Douglas, and I was delighted to be given the opportunity to paint him also.

Flash’s formal pose is softened by the background of  Pippa and Julian’s front garden. It was late September and the flower beds were going over, so I enriched the greens and added extra colour to make things a little more vibrant. The hills in the background added an additional dimension that needed no embellishment. I did, however, remove a telegraph pole in the background that was in the unfortunate position of appearing to be growing out of Flash’s head.

In addition to this work, Pippa and Julian also commissioned me to paint a more contemporary piece. To view this work also, please  CLICK ON LINK