My wife, Sue, and I have a static caravan in Wales. It’s our bolt-hole. Our neighbours, Jayne and Martin,own a pair of beautiful Labs. A yellow one called Halle and this handsome devil, Howard.

Jayne is a huge fan of the band,Take That, and I understand that Howard is named in honour of one of its members.

When I originally discussed the portrait with Jayne and Martin, it was apparent that where as Martin preferred a traditional portrait, Jayne liked my more contemporary images. As a result, They commissioned two pieces. A 20” x 16” formal work and a 12” x 12” contemporary head study.

The setting for the formal piece is one of the lakes on the caravan site. It is a really beautiful location and has won numerous awards. The time of year is Autumn - as I hope you can see from the colours in the background trees. Its a spot that both we and they can see from our vans so it has great significance for us all. It’s always a pleasure to paint somewhere you both know and love.