Tom & Sam

Tom and Sam are two cracking working English Springer Spaniels from near Seven Oaks in Kent. Gary, their owner, is a sporting man and, when he approached me to paint their portraits, he had a very specific request. He wanted a painting that would have commercial potential so that it could be published as a limited edition print.

As Gary owned a Land Rover, and I have a reputation for painting dogs in and around Landies, it seemed appropriate to include his vehicle in the painting. Unfortunately, this did not work out and I ended up using an older model as a stage for the portrait.

Nevertheless, the finished work was very pleasing to Gary and he got his wish. I have published the image and if you click on the link below, you can view this on my Editions web site.

I also used Sam for another work - Dog Tired - which if you click the link below, you can view on the Editions site.