Cover Pg 1 Artist Remarques Pg 2 Artist Remarques Text Pg 3 Puzzle Pg 4 Puzzle Text Pg 5 Zak Pg 6 Berkley & Charlie Pg 7 Millie Pg 8 Millie Text Pg 9 Tillie & Pups Pg 10 Sally, Harry & Tess Pg 11 Endal Pg 12 Endal Text Pg 13 Darcy Pg 14 Darcy Text The three pages above are supplemental to the printed brochure and only appear on this web site. They are designed to give an insight into the process I employ to create a portrait Pg 15 Peggy & Horse Pg 16 Horse Pg 17 Berkley Pg 18 Peggy Back Cover Portraits Artist Remarque Text Artist Remarque Puzzle Text Puzzle Teddy Boys Zak Millie Text Millie Tillie & Pups Sally Harry Tess Endal Endal Text Darcy Darcy Text Roly 2 Roly 3 Peggy & Horse Horse LTL Berkley LTL Peggy Roly 1 Front Cover