Spencer & Freddie

Spencer (left) Freddie (above)

These two wonderful boys are owned by Lynda Miles at the Llanstinan Kennels and farm in Pembrokeshire. Not only is Lynda one of the countries top Lab breeders, she is also a show judge. These two fine looking gentlemen, Spencer and Freddie, are two of her top dogs.

Spencer is shown in one of the lower fields on the farm with the ruins of the old manor house behind from which the farm and kennels get their name. Although not Autumn when I went to photograph the boys, it felt appropriate to set the scene so for Spencer’s back drop. Despite being just an empty shell, the manor house looks quite cosy in its thick mantle of ivy, backed by the warm russets and gold of the wood’s autumnal foliage.

By contrast, Freddie’s setting is the near-by rugged Pembrokeshire coastline. Quite appropriate, as Freddie loves the water. Coincidentally, Lynda’s Mother’s house overlooks this very spot.

If you would like to visit Llanstinan web site and learn more about Lynda’s wonderful dogs, please click on the link below.


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