Diva & Inca

This is Diva and Inca, two glorious German Shepherds. Their owners, Jeff and Jill, live in a remarkable and stunning mock Castle just outside Ruthin in North Wales. Jeff commissioned the head study for Jill, as Diva is her dog. Jeff wanted the larger - though it doesn’t look it on the page -  double portrait showing Inca also, as she was his.

I included a suggestion of the breathtaking views from the front of their home in the larger work. Also the hill that backs the property and the orchard at the foot of the hill. I also included the wonderful gorse bushes in bloom. Such a feature of the area.

As a foot note, Diva’s portrait was painted on Paper in oils and the double portrait was oil on canvas.

I believe that, sadly, Diva passed away shortly after I completed the portrait.

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